Career prospects


What are your plans once you complete your studies at EGE? The first cycle prepares you for the challenges of senior executive positions, by providing you with the intellectual and technical skills required in all sectors of activity. The second cycle, for its part, is more focused on your career choices. This section lists examples of jobs and career opportunities available in various sectors.

Like all schools of public affairs around the world, EGE offers many perspectives as it assists each and every student with the management of professional projects. Students can choose for themselves the sector of activity they wish to focus on in the second cycle, but given that all high executive positions require common skills and competences, we ensure that EGE study programs effectively prepare students for successful job placements.

The first cycle includes foundational and multi-disciplinary programs designed to impart general knowledge and skills required for high executive position. As early as the first year of study, our students have to work efficiently and be prepared to put in some ten hours a day. The school does not recommend that students start their career at this juncture. In order to fully benefit from these foundational study programs, students are advised to proceed to the second cycle.

The curriculum comprises classes taught in three languages, so that once students graduate, they are able to operate confidently in professional environments requiring the command of one or all of these languages;

Study programs have an international outlook to give access to our graduates to the global career market (3rd year exchange program, internships in Morocco and abroad, membership to international student networks);

The second cycle is designed to ensure that our graduates have immediate access to high-profile positions.

Which professional sector are you interested in?
Exemples de métiers
  • Diplomacy: Head of a Consular Section , Political Advisor
  • Project or program director in an international organization
  • Expert with an international organization

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